“My blood is boiling…Dickie boy”

Yes, it is him again. Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI (ed: not to be confused with Richard Lambert of Enterprise Britain).

Regular readers of this blog (the latest Mori survey suggests there are two) will know I do not rate Mr. Lambert. Perhaps I am getting carried away.

Well try this. Richard Lambert spoke these words during a speech to business leaders (25 January 2010):

….the UK would have to “generate as much growth as possible”

“It’s going to take time before animal spirits start pulsing again”

“growth would have to come from the private sector”

“without growth the life chances of a generation of young people will be seriously impaired”

It really is dire is it not.

Next on my hit list is the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

I attended a dinner last week at which Nick “I really am a nice person” Clegg spoke. Well almost. He was late because that nasty Gordon Brown had started the election campaign without telling him. Apparently the media wanted him.

To be fair he did try to articulate some policies. He is going to tax the rich and take the poor out of the tax bracket. The problem with that is that the rich will emigrate and the PSBR will go up further.

He wants to reduce the number of MPs (didn’t DC think of that first).

The dinner was held by a Wales group and he was asked if the number of Welsh MPs would fall. His answer was:

“Yes”, “no”, “perhaps”….er “no”.

There is talk of a Welsh stock exchange to help small businesses. I have written to the Liberal-Democrats to tell them it won’t work. Still, it sounds good.

Richard, Nick and the rest. The output of our leaders is at an all-time low. It is dire.

Richard Lambert is right about one thing. “Animal spirits” as he calls them have been purring as Enterprise Britain has fought to survive the recession.

The problem is that the CBI leader has not the vaguest idea what to do to stimulate EB.

I am not sure that he knows what an enterprising business is..hey ho.

And Nick is going to build a Welsh stock exchange. The broker boyos in Cardiff cannot wait.

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