“I wish to be known in future as Antonia Grizelda Drury”

I’m not really ‘coming out’ as they say. I was quite content being male.

But I want to be a success and Lord Davies said I must have a sex change.

My doctor was resistant but money gets everything these days. My wife is certainly going to be surprised.

Unless he has secretly funded the Conservative party I assume Lord Davies is a genuine peer. He was Mervyn Davies, Chairman of Standard Chartered up until 2009 when a certain G. Brown persuaded him to become trade minister.

Mixing with the likes of Harriet Harman and Tessa Jowell has obvious taken its toll of his lordship. He has announced that Britain (which is actually Scotland and its two wholly owned subsidiaries Wales and England) “would have 750,000 more small firms if women were fully engaged with the business world”.

If you wish I will take a drugs test but this is what his honour is saying.

It all goes back to 2006 when G. Brown set up ‘The Women’s Enterprise Task Force’ as a national body championing women’s enterprise. I assume founder members included Mrs. Rooney, Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Cole.

The WETF has now reported: they identified five key areas: gender-disaggregated data, women-friendly business support, access to finance, supplier diversity and strategic influencing.

Lord Davies has added his intellectual thinking to the debate:

“We need more female entrepreneurs” he has opined.

This whole façade is an insult to women. I work in the City on a daily basis with women. I lunched last week with the Principal of an Arts College. She doesn’t need a task force. She is quietly formidable. I am involved in a legal case at the moment with a lawyer from one the top law firms. She will take on any man. I also lunched last week with Cheryl Gillan MP who is Conservative Shadow Minister for Wales. A task force for Cheryl – forget it – she is a task force in her own right and a mighty impressive person.

This gender issue is a farce.

I am surrounded by women in my working life. Those who are ambitious and have the talent, succeed.

I would however suggest that Lord Davies talks quietly to the General Medical Council. Some years ago the GMC decided Britain was not training enough women doctors and so they concentrated their efforts by a focused training recruitment programme. The results have been disastrous but it has been quietly hidden.

The reason? Many women have babies and may decide that home life is for them. GP’s pay today is so lucrative that many find they need only work perhaps two or three days a week (and no evening work) to finance a decent lifestyle.

Have a look into your local surgery and compare the ratio of male/female doctors.

BUT, just in case Labour win the Election and Lord Davies is let loose on Enterprise Britain I am having my sex change operation. I really fancy a bit of gender-disaggregated data.

Must go. Time to have the wig fitted.

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