“Happy New Year…bollocks…”

Sorry about the title. Dirk, the editor, says my blogs are so tedious I must sex them up. I have written to Alastair Campbell to ask for his help.

Did you see Dave on the Andrew Marr show (BBC One last Sunday)?

Marr asked a series of penetrating political questions such as:
“How are you David?”

Dave decided to talk about small businesses (I assume Stevie told him to). He clearly knows nothing about the subject and his proposals (NI holidays for new employees etc.) were lame. Dave is going to make it easier to set up a business.

Has he told the VAT man, the Revenue, the Health and Safety executive, landlords, local councils and our old friends the banks? Has Dave tried to open a bank account? I assume he also intends amending company law.

It was, as is worryingly the case with Dave, ill thought through and frankly irrelevant. But it sounds good for the unofficial election campaign.

On the subject of Dave I am reading a book. As a reader of these blogs you know that I am as thick as two planks. I am studying ten pages a day.

It was recommended by ‘The Times’. It is titled ‘The New British Constitution’. The author is neither a journalist nor a politician. Vernon Bogdanor is Professor of Government at Oxford University. Let me give you a taster:

Chapter 4 ‘Devolution’ p105. “The Conservatives, therefore, have to choose whether to remain a Unionist party or become an English nationalist party. The future of the United Kingdom could depend upon their choice.”

My new best friend Vernon tells in a clear and readable way the influences on our society. Minority government is a real possibility. Coalition Government is now the norm for the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland is a political compromise between North and South.

Dave can only gain power with the English vote. Therefore his proposals (well, just about) for small businesses will only apply in England.

Should EB be renamed ‘Enterprise England’?

In practical terms EB wants to create change for the better. To improve the lot of Britain’s four million enterprising business owners and managers.

How? The political route is undergoing fundamental change.

Next week I will suggest a possible way.

Happy New Year…bollocks…and it is true. The outlook for enterprising businesses has never been so depressing and Dave will make no difference whatsoever.

So to cheer you up here is my 2010 joke: talking about books…..

“Dirk, the boss, had his house broken into over Christmas. He was devastated by the loss of his electrical goods, car and the rest.
What upset him most was that his two most valuable books were taken and he hadn’t finished colouring in one of them.”

Happy New Year.

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