“God No! Another Dragon is at it….”

TV Star (ugh) and general self-satisfied Gordon Brown toady, Peter Jones, he of the National Enterprise Academy, is holding an open day. It is at the Amersham Campus on 18 February 2010. I will be going. If he himself is giving audiences I don’t know whether to prostate myself by collapsing on bended knees in front of him. He might speak to me!

But he may have other things on his mind.

Beaded Dragon James Caan, who seems to be taking over the ‘Daily Telegraph’ judged on the space he is being given, has announced the launch of……wait for it:

The James Caan Entrepreneurs Business Academy

If you want to meet the great man there is a one-day introductory seminar on Saturday 20 March 2010 at the Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum.

Caan is obviously going to add great intellectual value:

“The problem with being the boss is you have no-one guiding you”

It gets worse:
“5% of being an entrepreneur is about the idea and mindset, the rest is about taking action and accountability”

And Greece thinks it has got debt problems.

If Peter Jones and James Caan are the summation of thirteen years of Gordon Brown…….

Interlude….. whilst I gather myself

The ‘Financial Times’ on 5 February 2010 carried a fascinating interview with Jon Moulton under their regular column ’20 questions’.

Moulton has, of course, been in the headlines because he was chased all around the Surrey countryside by the lovely Sam Smith, Boss of FinnCap, one of the best AIM Nomad/Brokers in the small-cap sector. He finally agreed to be their Chairman.

One of the questions Jon Moulton was asked was:

‘What is the smartest business idea you have ever had?’

Did he reply:

  • Not to shot myself after a meeting with the bank
  • Not to enrol on a course organised by Peter Jones’s National Enterprise Academy
  • To realise that hedge funds were a sure fire winner because the banking regulators did not understand them
  • To marry into money.

What would your answer be?

Well, Jon Moulton replied:

“There is a bit of competition, But I have made the most money out of investments based on quick meetings or snap decisions”.

Now we know.

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