“First Tiger Woods and now Tony Drury….”

“I am sorry”. I must say it. I have let Dirk down. I have led my readers astray.

I have been rude about publicity drunk Dragon Peter Jones…quite often in fact.

But I have experienced a life changing event: I have visited the National Enterprise Academy at the Amersham Campus.

We started in a confused way. I thought an Open Day was a presentation on the NEA. They thought I wanted to enrol on a course. We worked it out.

In fact from beginning to end the staff I met were courteous and committed. They love what they do. They feel they are contributing something.

The NEA are taking students and training them to understand entrepreneurial skills. It is part of the examination process. Courses are free. The testing process is all course work. Amersham had 28 students last year and will have over 40 in 2010.

There are visiting business people and sponsors such as Orange. Students get the chance to experience the work environment.

Reference was made to intrapreneurship reflecting the success the NEA is having in placing their students with the sponsors.

Peter Jones’s picture was all over the notice board but he has, in fact, never visited Amersham (so I was told).

Of course the NEA has a massive Gordon Brown subsidy and you, the tax payer, have every right to question the use of your money. If it is subsidising the Sponsor’s recruitment campaign, well done the Sponsors.

During my career in building up St. Helen’s Capital as a leading PLUS Markets corporate adviser I calculate I met and interviewed perhaps eight hundred entrepreneurs. The connection between their lives, needs and stories and what is being taught at the NEA is beyond me.


As the General Election approaches there have been some minor skirmishes and half hearted policy statements about encouraging enterprise.

I am committed to the democratic process, warts and all, but I suggest that the next ten weeks will be dire. There will develop a catastrophic personality clash between Brown (who will fight very dirty) and Cameron (who is poorly advised and at a loss to define the central beliefs of his Party).

The saving grace is that the economic cycle happens regardless of what else is going on. Economic law guarantees that the recovery will develop. Double dip is already built into this.

Once the election is over, and whatever the result and outcome, Enterprise Britain can continue its recovery from a desperately difficult recession.

Politics RIP, Enterprise is the future….

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