Good Cash, Bad Cash

For those of us who have woken up from the shock departure of England from the World Cup, there has been a thriving week of retail activity going in the meantime.

SALES SALES SALES from SAMPLE SALES to END OF SEASON REDUCTIONS. So it came as no surprise that the sample sale we took part in last week to clear prototypes and development samples had a lot of stiff competition. Added to which there was the World cup and the amazing weather, which now was too hot for shoppers! We were happy to have sold a lot against very modest expectations, but others weren’t so fortunate.

On the other hand I received a call from a big client requesting an additional order of summer stock in particular shorts as the hot weather meant customers were asking for them every five minutes. I have to add that we decided to pull stock from stockists we had control over so as not to have SLACKS & CO. in the sale, as our styles are classics and not season dependent so I didn’t see why we should take a hit on margins on perfectly good and wonderful garments.

In this case it paid off to stick to my guns, in clearing the dead cash and holding on to the very good potential margins without wanting to follow the sales rush.

In light of last week’s blog I couldn’t believe my ears when the client said that with parkers and coats coming in next week she could have a window display of the beach and the ski slope in tandem, should she stock a mix all year round as customers are requesting it? There always are holiday wardrobe requests for exotic places, which are out of our weather season, but perhaps keeping the fashion season in sync with the weather would be a good starting point!

Is it just me or can one see a distinct lack of enthusiasm in Gary Lineker and the commentary team since Sunday?

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