When there’s a system you don’t need a script

I’m working with a group of new franchisees as I write… well, obviously, not literally as I write because that would be fairly rude, but you know what I mean.

Today has been the first day of a five day programme and we’ve concentrating on how to market a small business in a local territory. For this particular franchise, as for so many, networking is very important.

In fact, it’s the glue that sticks together the rest of the marketing mix. Of course, this means there is some pressure on the franchisees to make sure they get this aspect of their marketing right, which means there’s even more pressure on me to get the messages across in a coherent and sensible way.

So, when I saw the franchisor in the room with the franchisees at afternoon break I had to take a quick gulp of air and get in there…

Not because the franchisor isn’t intelligent, smart, clever, (rich), successful and a whole lot of other things besides (because he is) but because he is one of those individuals who ‘just got out there and did it’ without all this namby pambying about with franchising.

I had worrying visions of him telling the franchisees that they didn’t need to worry about networking but to just go out and knock on doors.

I needn’t have worried…

As I listened to what he was saying I realised he was spot on… re-enforcing every message I had already given. He went on to re-enforce other messages from earlier in the day and some of the messages that were about to be delivered. (If it’s possible to re-enforce something that hasn’t been delivered yet).

Phew. I thought to myself. Thank heavens he’s read the script.

But then I realised that he hadn’t read the script… he was the script.

When we were putting the programme together we locked ourselves in a room for two days and I extracted everything he did to build his business from his head and turned it into systems for his franchisors to follow.

I’m pretty sure he was shooting from the hip when he was telling the franchisees how he built his business but it didn’t matter because we’d turned his ‘experience’ into processes for the new franchisees.

I was mighty relieved, I can tell you.

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