When ‘being social’ meant something else

Last week a guy came to see us to talk about ‘Social Media’.


Here’s (a shortened version of) what he said…

You need to link your Twitter account to your Facebook page (not profile, your page) because the latest thing is for potential customers to like you… or at least like your Facebook page.


So far, I get it.

Because if potential customers don’t have to be ‘approved’ by you to be a friend they are more likely to like you. And, if they do like you, everything you do will be sent to them.

Oh, and, if it’s all linked up in the right way, when I Tweet it will automatically update the Facebook page and tell everyone who likes me that I’ve tweeted. It links to my LinkedIn pages, too and there will be a box on the front page of our website that will have all the updates on it, too.

Oh, and when EB publishes blogs, it will suck that info in and tell everyone that, too.

But I need to get 25 people to like me (a tall order) and then I can secure a good Facebook URL. And then I can do some social media advertising because (apparently) Adwords is so passé.

I feel faint.

Added to all this is my daughter’s attitude to social networking. I was talking with her on the ‘phone the other evening when she said she needed to answer a message. ‘Are you talking to someone else at the same time as me?’ I asked, slightly miffed.

‘Oh, Dad, don’t be silly; of course I’m not,’ she replied. ‘I’m talking to 6 others!’

I need to lie down in a darkened room.

I remember (and I don’t care that I’m making myself seem old – even to myself) when ‘being social’ to us kids meant going down the park to try and meet girls… and maybe even talk to one or two of them, if we could persuade them we weren’t dorks.

Having mates meant taking a football, usually flat, and 4 jumpers to any old patch of grass and being there for 5 hours.

Now, I’m not saying that all this stuff with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al is wrong… it’s not… it’s very important and things always change and I really love doing business like this.

But let’s face facts, when you are on the Internet, you aren’t surfing with the wind and salt water stinging your face, you’re in your back bedroom typing.

So, although I know it’s too late, can we think of a better name than ‘Social’ media because that means something different to me?

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  1. Mark
    21 October, 2010 at 08:21

    Social change used to happen at a near geological pace, apart from the occasional revolution etc. The advent of social networks has happened so fast that to many it seems alien, but for the young who have lived with this media for a comparatively longer % of there shorter lives it just 'is'. Near instant communication is already with us and barring a major catastrophe will be with us for the foreseeable future.

    My daughter will happily send Facebook messages to a friend in the same room! I realised this isn't about laziness, but about screen time and being seen as active and sharing stuff amongst your peer group.

    As for another name…No idea, but you can bet there are think tanks out there working on the next iteration.

    Nice article

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