The proverbial blue ar%?d fly

Don’t get me wrong… I love my job and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but sometimes I wake up and I can’t remember which city I’m in!

Take my schedule over the next couple of weeks and you’ll see what I mean. It goes something like this:

Monday: Norwich
Tuesday to Saturday: Dublin
Sunday: Day off(!)
Monday: Norwich
Tuesday: Shipston on Stour
Wednesday: Shipston on Stour
Thursday: Huddersfield
Friday: Edinburgh

Monday to Wednesday (the following week): Norwich!

Now, I have to say this run of time away is pretty unusual for me, but when I got to thinking about it, it’s probably not that unusual in Enterprise Britain. Oh, I don’t mean everyone spends loads of time traipsing around the country, but I bet the majority of us work very, very hard.

I was talking to a friend of mine who works in corporate world and he was amazed at my schedule for the next three weeks. His view was that I should refuse to do it and then discipline myself before taking my own business to an industrial tribunal.

At first I felt a little bit superior. You know the sort of thing; ‘You have no idea what it’s like working for yourself… you just have to do it.’

But then I began thinking to myself, who was right and who was wrong?

It’s very difficult to say.

I mean, sure we have to work hard but do we have to work as hard as we do. I was wondering if I needed to make myself more efficient so I could do just as much work but in less hours.

Heaven forbid… did I need to go on a time management programme to help me put into practice what I preach?

Then, of course, my ‘phone rang and a customer asked for an extra report, I had an email arrive at the same time asking me to make some amendments to a new contract and I still have to write my blogs and a new training course.

All thoughts of a time management course were driven from my mind…

Thank goodness!

Because, all of a sudden, I had a surge of adrenalin, my mind started analysing time scales, priorities and options.

This is why I no longer work in corporate world… and, I suspect, why many of us in EB get a buzz from working for ourselves. It’s the freedom and the excitement… sometimes. At other times we just do what we have to do and at others we do more than we think possible just to survive.

There probably is some room for compromise and I think I work too hard.

How about you?

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