The Golden Rule of Media Training

There’s one golden rule about working with the media… I remember it from days working for a bank.

Here is the rule:
If you don’t want it to appear in the media, don’t say it, write it or draw it. It’s fair to say that even thinking about it should be done with care.

Now did I mention dear old Golden Brown?

But I bet you were thinking about him weren’t you?

I have to say, though, it’s not only Golden Brown who could have done with some media training. I remember a friend of mine who also worked for a bank. He was doing some good work with a local school helping pupils learn about managing money and the world of work…

All altruistic stuff and of real value to the people he worked with.

So much so that the local radio station got wind of it and asked him to do a short interview to go out on air later in the week. Being a slightly vain man, with huge pretensions of being a reporter himself, he agreed in a flash and duly arranged to meet the reported at the school later in the week.

The appointed time arrived and the reporter, together with a sound engineer armed with a digital recorder came to the school. They did some interviews with the school children and then with the head teacher.

For my friend’s interview the location was moved to the outside, where the engineer said he needed to test ‘the levels’ and could my friend say something just for the volume…

Here’s what my friend said: “working for the bank is just temporary until I find something better.”

Smiles all round until the reporter said, “Well, that’s it chaps, thanks for your time…” packed up his gear and left.

My friend was disappointed but just thought he wasn’t needed, until…

The comments went out on air the following week. A brief call from the Area Manager ensued and my friend decided to pursue a career in training.

But at least he didn’t call anyone a bigot.

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