The camping Elf

The wonders of technology never cease to amaze me…

Here I am, sitting outside my tent, looking out over Derwent Water near Keswick in the Lake District and I can still blog.


This is my first experience of the franchise that is The Camping and Caravanning Club and it’s very good!

The shower block, although not modern has been re-decorated, the washing up facilities are good and, of course, the views and atmosphere are fantastic.

But the best thing, so far, about the site has been the appearance of the Camping Elf. A little guy with a broad smile and a willingness to help has been there at every turn… although, I have to admit, he wasn’t there with his torch when I staggered out of the tent at 3.00am in search of somewhere to relieve myself… that would be the toilet block quarter of a mile away!

However, when we checked in Camping Elf asked us whether we wanted views or convenience (to which we replied ‘views’ which turned out to be a mistake as it happened, and then jumped on his bike and asked us to follow him in our car as he peddled furiously to the other end of the site.

I asked him if the supermarket was open in town… yes, said he, until 9.00pm!

After exchanging more elf like pleasantries, he jumped on his bike and with a cheery wave, cycled away…

…only to reappear 10 minutes later, peddling even more furiously, and actually skidding to a halt in front of our newly erected tent.

With a big smile he apologised for forgetting it was Sunday (days of the week don’t matter much to elves) and the supermarket had shut at 4. But he did point out a different shop where we could buy essential supplies.

Then he invited us to his winter job manufacturing toys at the North Pole.

That bit isn’t true.

My point is this… it was great service from a franchise operation. Was it part of a system? Somehow I doubt it, but it should be.

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