Stranded in customer service hell

Snow and customer service, it seems, don’t go hand in hand when it comes to improving my mood.

And yet, it could all be so different, especially after the shining light of brilliant customer service I received last week.  Today, dear friends, I was brought down to earth with a bang.

I’m down south… there is no snow on the ground.

I live in Edinburgh… there about 18 inches of the bloody stuff.

I’m booked on easyJet.  Can you see where I’m going with this?

Bless, them, though, EJ is not the subject of this blog and, in fact, I have to say they have done well in a difficult situation.  For example, I was on my way to Stansted, knowing Edinburgh was in white-out conditions, when the text came through.  When I pulled over to read it (honest) it said ‘You’re Buggered’.

Well, that’s what it said in metaphorical terms.  What it actually said was that: ‘due to severe weather conditions your flight has been cancelled.’

Fair enough… bummer the flight was cancelled, but at least I knew well in advance.
I called the office and they followed the link provided to the EJ website where I was able to re-schedule onto another flight (7am the next morning) for free.

I even got a really well worded email later in the evening apologising and laying out my options.

That left only one problem… where to lay my weary head?

To be honest, I’m a Travelodge kind of guy.  Oh, I like posh hotels, alright but I don’t have to have them for the sake of it…

Except today.

Well, I was tired!

So, the office booked me into the only hotel, which shall remain nameless, on site at Stansted, via the internet in the time it took me to walk from the terminal to the Radisson.

My first complication was that I had to ask whether the internet booking was showing on their system yet.  This confused the lady on reception.  I think she was fairly new, so no great shakes but she didn’t say anything to me, she didn’t even look at me whilst she fiddled with her PC and then, out of the blue she simply said ‘I need your credit card.’
I felt like saying, ‘So do I, love, so get your own,’ but refrained because it would have been childish and she wouldn’t have laughed.

The booking had appeared and the formalities were completed.  I swear to you, for the full 7 or 8 minutes I was at reception she didn’t look at me or smile once.

Then over to the concierge to ask them to check me in for my flight.

‘You’ll have to change your flight first.’

‘I’ve already changed it and it’s all confirmed.’

‘You didn’t say that.’

‘You didn’t ask.’

And so it went on.  Once again, my faith has been restored in the level of service provided by so many wonderful businesses.

It just needs the human touch to make the service processes come alive.

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