Stick to the model – you’ll be fine

(As long as the model is a good one).

You may remember some time ago my blog about a friend who was going to join a network and asking me for some advice.

Well, my friend joined the network and has been trading for a couple of months.

I asked her how it was going yesterday and I was surprised at the answer. Why was I surprised? Well, my friend isn’t necessarily the most compliant person in the world and I anticipated some, ermmm, shall we say resistance to the model.

But, no. My friend is following the model to the letter, especially in sales and marketing. She’s set herself some targets and everything is focused on achieving the numbers she needs to achieve.

I asked her what she’d changed about the sales process in order to make the sales she needed to. ‘Nothing,’ she said. ‘I follow the process exactly as it was trained and it works for me!’ And indeed it does. My mate signed three clients today alone!

This got me thinking a bit and reminded me of a guy I trained a few years ago. To be fair he wasn’t a natural sales person but he wasn’t prepared to go with the system either. After the course I rang the guy and asked him how things were going.

He told me the sales process we trained didn’t work for him. I was surprised so I asked him how many customers he’d signed… it was something like ten in a couple of months; about half of what he should have.

The guy went on to tell me that he’d changed the process so he felt more comfortable with it.


‘How long ago did you change the process?’ ‘About a month,’ was the answer… ‘And it’s going much better.’

‘Really? How many clients have you signed with the new process?’

‘None… but it feels much better.’


A perfect example of sticking to the system and it working, changing things and not being successful.

Franchising is all about the system so don’t buy into a network unless you really believe you can make it work.

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