Stages of Franchising


Every so often this job provides a real insight into the way of the world and I thought I’d share this insight with you for no other reason than I thought it was interesting.

Stage One
I was talking to a bloke the other day who was thinking about franchising his business… and I emphasis the word thinking.  He’d done nothing about it and just wanted to talk about whether it would be possible to do or even the right thing to do.

As it turns out, his business is eminently franchisable… there’s a good system, a decent brand and a defined product.  All good stuff.

I was able to send the guy away with some thoughts about what he needed to do next… start writing down his system, think about what a franchise package might look like, trade marking his brand; that sort of thing.

He also needs to decide whether he even wants to make the leap to be a franchisor.  He’s got a neat business as it stands, he’s making money and, as I keep saying, you have to make a mental leap when you begin the process of franchising: you no longer provide the product you always have int he past… your product is now your franchise package!

Stage Two
Later the same day I had an appointment with a lady who had gone beyond the question: should I franchise?  To: how do I franchise?

She’s begun the process of creating her Ops Manual and she’s written down some of the clauses she needs in her franchise agreement.

Once again I was able to point her in the direction of the next steps she needs to take.  Thinking about the franchise package and the prospectus, designing a franchise website and the support function and operating her own business as a pilot rather than an entirely separate business.

She’s even set a date to come back with the work completed: one month.

Stage Three
It was the next day…

I spent the day with a business that was ready to launch.  They’ve done everything right.  All the documentation is in place, trademarks have been registered, they’ve tested the pilot (to death), they have a brand, website, recruitment process, Ops Manual, training programme, support function… everything you need to be a franchise.

Our job, in this case is to launch the franchise operation, get it listed on the franchise websites, generate inbound leads and recruit franchisees.

If I had been working with the same franchisor throughout these stages I don’t think I would have thought of them in these terms.

It’s just that all three businesses came on to my radar (swiftly followed by a bit of pushing the envelope and running up flagpoles) in a couple of days, highlighting the stages and the work needed to become a successful franchise operation.

And talking about successful franchise operations…

I’d like to add official EB congratulations to TaxAssist Accountants for being awarded the coveted title of British Franchise Association Franchisor of the Year.  Richly deserved and the latest in a long line of successes and achievements.

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