Philosophically speaking…

I was in philosophical mood the other day…

Sometimes it happens to me no matter how hard I try to resist, but I was thinking about franchising, society and history. Perhaps I need to get out more?

The reason for my deep thinking was a booklet that was sent o me promoting university courses here in Edinburgh… one of which caught my eye – The decline of Slavery and the Rise of the Domestic Servant.

10 weeks, every Wednesday starting in September. Anyone fancy it?

Well, I was thinking about the fact that Domestic Help is still alive and well in the UK. I guess the majority of us no longer have live in maids who had their own small room in the house, got up first to light the fires, cook the breakfast then moved on to cleaning, washing and ironing.

But in a way, many of us do.

We have the cleaners who come in once a week. We send the ironing out and the car valeter looks after the Volvo. The window cleaner has their round and we can even employ personal shoppers to get us what we need.

It then struck me how many of these services are fulfilled by the franchise industry, to a greater or lesser degree.

So what?

I wasn’t really sure where this train of thought was taking me but then it dawned on me that it’s simply an indication of how important franchising is to the economy and, indeed, society.

Franchising, because of its flexibility, its inherent simplicity, the sharing of risk, has the ability to fill voids, to take up slack and to generate success.

Right now, given where the world is, franchising is more important than ever to us.

All economies start out as a bunch of small businesses which produce more than they need and so can sell it to others in what’s known as a market place. Perhaps this current economic readjustment is returning to us to those days and perhaps franchising is the vehicle to make the readjustment happen.

I wonder how many of us realise this and the responsibility we have as well as the contribution we’re making?

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