Of course I’m ready to franchise

I had a meeting the other day with a company that is about to franchise… but they just wanted to pick my brains because no help was required!

It was an outdoors type business and, on the face of it, eminently franchisable… except for the guy who wanted to be the franchisor.

Now, you will remember (or maybe not) that we reckon there are seven things you need to have in place to be ready to franchise your business:
  • A brand, trademarked and protected
  • Systems and processes logged
  • Legals in place
  • Manuals and operational documents
  • A recruitment process
  • The franchisee training programme
  • A proper support function

So, let’s go through the list for this guy one at a time.

The brand… ‘errrr, what’s one of those?  I couldn’t afford to get it trademarked!’

Systems and processes… ‘oh, yes, I’ve got all those.’  ‘Can I see them?’  ‘Not unless you can climb into my head!’

Legals… ‘I can’t afford the prices charged by a solicitor… but I’ve written down an agreement.’  One side of A4 was presented to me that basically said: You will pay me £20,000 and then 10% of everything you earn.

Manuals… ‘don’t be silly… it’s in my head.’

Recruitment process… ‘well, I’ll advertise and then award franchises.’

Training programme… ‘yes, they can come and work for me (sorry, with me) for three weeks.’

Support function… ‘they’ve got my mobile.’

I bang on about this a lot.  Franchising is a fantastic way to grow a business, employment and an economy but it ain’t an easy route and it ain’t a short cut.

Investment of time and money is needed and, for those who make the investment, the rewards are great.  But for those that are not prepared to do the right thing; well, they end up with no franchisees or being litigated against because it’s physically not possible for them to deliver what they promise.

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