My new car

For the first time in my life I got a new car on the day of the first day of the new registration numbers.

How exciting.

Although, obviously I played it cool: ‘Well, it’s just a car, y’know.’

Never mind the fact I was up early and down at the garage in plenty of time for my 10.00 am appointment. Was 6.30 just a little early? I don’t think so.

There was my new chariot, outside, gleaming, ready for me. I had look round and then went in to sign the paperwork.

Ah… issue.

‘It’s not our fault’, said the sales guy. The DVLA computer has crashed so we can’t tax your car. How could that be? It’s so unfair.

Never mind, came the reassuring statement, we’ll go and do the handover and by that time the website will be probably be up and running.

So, look round we did. I was shown how the cruise control works (which I already knew), I was shown how to open the sunroof (I knew how to do that, too), and eventually I was shown how to switch the radio on and open the doors.

At this point I couldn’t help thinking that the guy was grasping at straws to keep me there just a little longer.

Still no luck with the DVLA website.

I was going to have to take the sales guy’s car and he’d bring me my car when they got the tax sorted out… might be tomorrow.

What? I don’t think so!

Anyway, miraculously, just when I was resigned to having to borrow a car, the tax got sorted. Don’t know how, but it did.

This whole thing, though, got me thinking about contingency.

There had to be a contingency somewhere, either put in place by the DVLA or the garage. This, I thought, was especially important as I was told website crashing was a regular occurrence that happened twice a year… once in September and once in March.

A simple system in case things went wrong and a bit of training would have worked wonders and it would have kept me happy.

I’m not going to bother getting a new car on the 1st September again… I’ll wait ‘til the 2nd.

I almost had to anyway.

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