It’s fun, fun, fun from here on in

Sometimes training, as a job, is a hard and thankless task.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s a real pleasure. And, I have to say, there’s usually not much between.

Last week, for me, was one of those pleasurable weeks that just seemed to work and this got me to thinking why this was the case. I have to admit, my thoughts were entirely selfish – I want to repeat the conditions again and again so I get more pleasure.

Well, my thinking resulted in five conditions you need to have in place to make training successful:

  1. Delegates have to know why they are going on the training before they go… they need to understand what they’ll get out of it and how it will benefit them and, as a result, they must want to be there.
  2. They need to know, at a high level at least, what they’re going to be doing on the course. For example, they need to be pre-prepared if there’s video work or anything like that. It just means there are no surprises on day one and the trainer’s job is a little easier.
  3. The course materials and content have to be good, on the button and relevant to the people who are attending. There should also be a clear outline of what the course is about… for example, last week was a sales course with some people experienced in sales and some people new to it. The course, I pointed out, was not about personality, it was about process. For experienced sales people it was about the process needed by this company and for new sales people, the process would allow them to get going.
  4. There must be plenty of variety to appeal to all learning styles, with lots of activity. Last week we were starting at nine in the morning and finishing at seven at night. This isn’t usually possible on a training course but because we had all the other factors in place, it worked for us. (I was knackered, though!)
  5. The environment has to be right. That’s not say it’s plush… just right. There has to be space to work, places to break out and other workers, if they’re not part of the course, have to understand what’s going on.

All this dropped into place last and, as a result, we had a great week. And, in fairness, when I look back, it does tend to happen for every course… I just wish I’d thought about it earlier.

All I have to do now is make sure my five conditions are duplicated every single time and I’ll have a great life!

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