I long to be bored

Or at least I think I do.

I don’t know about you but it seems to me that there is a very definite up-turn in business. We’re always busy, but it feels as though for just about all of 2010 we’ve been flat out.

(Do you think 2010 has flown by?)

When people ask me how things are going I’ve started to reply, ‘brilliant, really busy, which is a good thing… I think.’

The reply is always the same, ‘better that way than the other’ or variations of the same and, of course, they’re right.

But I do feel the need to recharge batteries. In fact, I long to be bored, just for the afternoon… or to work in Tescos (other supermarkets are available) for a week, on the tills. I think I’d be great.

And then something happens that just fires me up all over again.

Like today.

I had a voicemail message when I finished my course today from a guy who had been on one of our training courses 6, yes 6, years ago. The voicemail, essentially, said this. ‘I’m now working with X and the course you did for us 6 years ago was the best I’ve been on. Would you be interested in delivering training for us?’

Errrr… let me think about that. I’ve thought about it. Yes

When I talked to the guy it was clear that this was just about a done deal and after the call was finished I couldn’t help punching the air and thinking that this was fantastic.

All thought of how busy we are was gone, I wasn’t worried about how we are going to deliver this work… we’ll do it; these are nice problems to have.

After the euphoria faded away it got me thinking as to why I was suddenly feeling so very different from just a few hours before. It has to be something to do with success and not just doing the mundane (or at least, more usual).

And that’s a problem in Enterprise Britain. In many, although by no means all, small businesses we kick off winning some business and we feel good about our business. Then we get into delivering the work. We do a good job and work keeps coming in; at least up to our capacity and it becomes more and more difficult to deliver what we have. It becomes stressful and because we have enough work the business stagnates a bit; it doesn’t grow anymore.

Suddenly we don’t feel so good about our business; delivering the work is a pain and we aren’t getting the highs of winning new business.

As a result we feel tired.

At least I did. But I no longer want to be bored or even work at Tescos. That’s what a little success does for you.

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