I’m in the office…

I came off a really busy period last week.

In fact, I had been away, effectively from the second week of January until now.  So, it was with a huge sigh of relief I finished my last training course on Monday and settled down to a few weeks int he office.

I was so pleased about it, it made into a blog a couple of weeks ago…

Ah, how I miss those heady days of having nothing to do with weeks and weeks of office time stretching out before me.

You see, I forgot one thing; and that is it’s the busy time of year for training.  In the period before the onset of summer holidays and the when new budgets get set in the Autumn there always seems to be a huge pressure to spend money.  Whether it’s Training Managers with budgets to spend or sales managers who need to ‘do some development’ it’s all gone a bit bonkers.

Here’s an overview of the enquiries we’ve had this week:
  • A major player in the IT market needs some development for its training team… who happen to be based in Bangalore, Dallas and Cork
  • A development agency in the north of Scotland suddenly having a bunch of customers who need to recruit people and train them
  • The local Chamber of Commerce has put out to tender its courses and we’ve been asked to put in for 23 of them… yes, 23!
  • A couple of franchises wanting help with recruitment…

And so on.

But the truth is, I’m pleased… pleased that I’m suddenly so busy.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, I was getting a bit bored in the office after 24 hours and, more importantly, I live smack bang in the middle of EB.

I need the work and I need to be busy, otherwise I worry about the future.

So, it’s three full proposals and 23 short ones by Friday for me… and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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