Here comes Santa…

2010: a year that promised so much and delivered… well, quite a lot, really.

Remember the debacle of the General Election?

Some of those Returning Officers really need some training.  It was outrageous that people were locked out of Polling Stations before they could cast their votes.  I mean, it wasn’t as though the result was a landslide, one way or the other.  The way that situation was handled didn’t really enhance our reputation when our own people (under the guise of the UN) go out and observe other elections and pass their opinions on whether they were fair or not…

The England football team could do with some training, or so it seemed after a disastrous world cup.  And we were so full of expectation, too.  Or at least I was.  In fact, I was convinced England was going to win the tournament… and told everyone so.

The referee who disallowed that goal really, really, really needs some training… but enough on that one I think.

A British woman who obviously did train a lot was Amy Williams, who won our first gold medal at the Winter Olympics since… a long time ago.

The students have started to revolt… yes students are revolting!  I’ve waited 10 years to get that joke out… and the government has introduced austerity measures after the toughest spending review in a generation… they could all do with some training.

And I’m very glad that the training we do isn’t for those people.

I’m really happy that we were able to train hundreds of new franchisees to run a business, many of them for the first time.

I’m proud that a manager looked me up on Friday, after going through our training earlier in 2010 and told me how well their team was functioning.

I’m glad that we’ve been able to help a number of businesses straighten themselves out after getting bent out of shape over many years.

I’m also very proud to write for Enterprise Britain, particularly when I read the entries from our other bloggers, who write with real insight and in an interesting way.

2011 is already shaping up to be busy and long may it continue.

Goodbye 2010, thanks for everything, but you’re the past.

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