From tiny acorns pizzas grow

We’re working with the whole range of franchisors right now – from those who have been about for decades and have many hundreds of franchisees to those who are just starting out with the idea…

To help all our customers I like to read about franchising’s successes and failures to keep up to date with the latest offerings and to learn from experience.

Yes… I also used to take an apple in for teacher at school. The micky taking from the other children left me a stronger person and the twitch has nearly entirely gone now.

Sometimes the stories are interesting, tragic, uplifting, worthless propaganda, useful, stimulating… you get the point.

I was reading a story from the USA about Donatos Pizza  and, to be honest, I thought it was going to fall into the ‘worthless propaganda’ sector. But as I began reading it soon recategorised it into the ‘hilariously funny without meaning to be’ section.

It was the line that went like this that got me chuckling:

“We grew up eating pizza breakfast, noon and night. My grandmother smelled like sausage and I thought that was normal.”

Doesn’t everyone’s grandmother smell of sausage? I know mine did.

But then I had to eat my laughter as I read one section of the story which is so true about franchising. Donatos was bought by McDonald’s back in the late 1990s and then bought back by the family about five years later.

The owners (the Grote Abell family) had a clear vision for what they wanted from a franchise operation and set about building it… with some success it seems. When asked about why the business is a success, Jim Grote Abell says that it’s down to knowing the detail of what they want to achieve. He is able to articulate what he wants from the franchise.

His vision was clear about how his restaurants were to look, how the customers would feel and what he needed to do for his staff as well as the quality of the product. He visualised in such detail it was easy to turn into usable systems, which are the bedrock of any successful franchise operation.

And this is one of the key issues we find with new franchisors, or businesses that want to franchise. They’re not quite sure why they want to do it and even less clear about what their network will look like let alone what systems are to be used.

Like Jim says “if you can imagine your dream in all its detail, it can come true.”

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