Franchisees are funny… even when they don’t mean to be!

I sometimes can’t get my head around franchisees on a training course and their complaints they we work them too hard…

Let’s face some home truths here, shall we?

  1. These people are starting a new business but, unlike many people starting afresh they are getting trained on how to deliver a product or service in a way that’s proven to work. What’s more, they are being trained on how to avoid all the pitfalls a small business owner can find themselves falling into… AND they are being trained on how to fill in a VAT return!
  2. When you start a new business (and I know Michael Gerber in The E-Myth says this is wrong) you have to give it all your love and attention. Like a good friend of mine says: ‘when you go self employed you can start working half days… and it doesn’t matter which 12 hours you work.’
  3. I’m here working with these people and, although I enjoy what I do immensely, there are times when I’d rather be down the pub with what are left of my friends rather than spending it with a bunch of people some of whom don’t appreciate the gold dust they are being given.

What’s caused this particular rant, then?

I’ve been working with a group of franchisees and part of this particular course we ring franchisees in the evening posing as customers so franchisees can get some practice at making appointments.

I passed around a sheet of paper to collect telephone numbers so we could do it. Next to one of the numbers was the request:

Please call between 7.30 and 8.00 or after 9.30.

I asked the guy whether he wanted me to come round and cook his tea, too. But then I relented because I realised he must have something important on.

And indeed I was right. He was playing squash!

If it was me and I had invested the thick end of £30,000 and my future health, wealth and happiness depended on my success in business I would be demanding that we stayed until eight every night and that I received 3 ‘phone calls so I could practice my technique.

I just don’t understand why franchisees invest into their future and then don’t take advantage of the resources their franchisor puts in place for them…

End of rant… until next week.

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