Come on England

…  errrr I mean, Ghana, errrr… Oh, support who you like!

By the time you read this we’ll know the result of the England game (and some of us might even care) but, as I write there’s still an hour to go before kick-off.

I’ve just been listening to the radio where there was a huge debate about whether people should be allowed to watch the footie or not and my immediate reaction is: of course they should!

But then I started thinking about it a bit more.

Of course, all the focus is on the England game today and quite rightly so.  But what if I’m from Ghana?  I’m no less passionate about my team than the English: do I get to watch the Ghana games?  Well, of course, you should be able to, which means that the whole ‘watch/not watch’ question is a difficult one.

It could cause havoc with employers and with training courses , too.

But what has this got to do with training?

Well, I was running a course yesterday and my bit was completed on schedule (of course).  The course continues today with someone else delivering the training… but the delegates have already negotiated the afternoon off, continuing the course after the game and for as long as necessary to cover all the material.  The one caveat is that Coke is the hardest tipple that will be consumed during the game.

But is this sensible, even with the restrictions?

If England win, how much work is going to be done?  If England lose, how much work is going to be done?  And what would have happened to the course if the trainer had said they weren’t prepared to work late?

It’s such a dilemma!

I had to smile to myself, though, when the same proposal was put to bunch of school children.

‘Yes’, said the teacher, ‘you can watch the footie!’

Hoorah was the general response from the class.

‘But you’ll have to start work at eight tomorrow morning!’

Boo, was the next response, shortly followed by, ‘We’ll record it instead.’

Ah, out of the mouths’ of babes, true wisdom is espoused.


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