Busy busy busy

It’s all pretty busy in the world of training at the moment, which is a good thing.

The bad thing is, I’m suffering a bit at the moment from an ailment that is usually fairly common across EB.

As Michael Gerber put it in The E-Myth I’ve become the Technician in my own business… i.e. I’m doing the work as well as managing the business and trying to be entrepreneurial.

What symptoms am I suffering from?

Well, the usual, really. Long hours in the office working on customer stuff, then longer hours working on the VAT Return, then not getting enough time to make marketing calls or even send marketing emails.

In other words, I’ve bought myself a job, but without the advantages of a holiday rota and a regular monthly salary.

It’s a problem the world over that members of EB suffer from. There’s an opportunity to grow the business (I know this because work is still coming in, even though I’m missing the business development aspect of what I should be doing) but I’m failing to take advantage of it because I’m so busy doing work.

There are 2 issues with this. 1. I enjoy doing the work, 2. I need to get some time to do something about it.

And that’s where I’ve started having the internal debate with myself. It’s good for my ego that people are asking for me but bad for the business. If I employ someone, though, it’ll be bad for the short term bank balance and not great for my ego either… ‘cos I’m good at what I do and some people are kind enough to tell me so.

Actually, there’s no debate at all. I know what I have to do.

For my business to continue to develop I have to get off the tools, practice what I preach and change the way I’m going about it.

That means I need to find someone to deliver training for me or to be part of the business and take other burdens away… just like Michael Gerber says.

So, what I’ve done is designed a business structure that will support my ambitions. There are roles in the structure from CEO to Administrator and everything between. This organisation already exists; it’s just that my name is next to almost every one of the roles I’ve written.

The job now, is to replace my name with other names. When I’ve done that with every role, I’ll know the business is ready for the next challenge.

Only in that way will my business move forward again.

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