Bloke in a big hat…

To be entirely honest with you, this blog isn’t much to do with training.

In fact, it’s nothing to do with training; it’s more to do with disappointment and a funny policeman. Sorry, police officer.

I’m not really a religious bloke and I’m certainly not a catholic, but even I can recognise that the Pope is an important world figure. So, living in Edinburgh and working in a TaxAssist Accountants shop front on the main road from the airport to the city centre I couldn’t help but notice the cones going out and the increased police presence in preparation for the Holy See.

In fact the police outnumbered the spectators about two to one…

The Bridge Builder was going to be within a few feet of our shop.

I switched the display lights on outside and took my place at the side of the road to await the Pontiff. After all, it will probably be the only chance I have to see him in my lifetime.

The police presence steadily increased (even if the crowd didn’t) as the moment approached and then, suddenly, I could see motorcycle outriders. The Pope was coming!

What vehicle would you have thought the Pope would be travelling in?

Me, too.

I was expecting the Pope Mobile. I was even filming it on my i-phone.

I kept filming as a 7 Series Beemer sped passed, thinking it must be carrying security. But, no, it was followed by a few MPVs and then minibuses and I don’t think he was travelling in one of those.

And then it was over.

So I have a film of a 7 Series BMW speeding through Edinburgh. Hardly something to keep to show the grand kids, is it?

I felt the whole visit by the Pope was over shadowed by disappointment. 100,000 capacity at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow reduced by many thousands because tickets didn’t sell, the same story in Birmingham, the £15M bill footed by us… even the protests were a bit half hearted.

The only redeeming feature came when my wife asked a policeman which one was the Pope and he replied, ‘Didn’t you see him? He was the one in the big hat!’


Normal service will be resumed next week… I promise to talk about training. Unless, of course, Barack pops in to get his tax return done.

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