A Salient Lesson in Complaint Handling

It’s fair to say that sometimes I have a bit of a rant when I experience bad service so I think it’s only fair this week that I tell you about a really fantastic experience this week.

Characteristically, it starts with a bit of disaster.

We had our kitchen done recently and, as a final touch, we got a decorator in to do… well, the decorating.

When we got home after the work had been completed we were pretty unhappy to say the least. In fact, we were so unhappy my wife decided it must have been my fault somehow and of course I agreed with her.

The edging was wrong, the painting was… wrong and the finishing touches were wrong, too.

A ‘phone call to the guy ensued (made by my wife) and from this moment on things rapidly improved rapidly. First of all the decorator insisted on coming round to apologise in person and to explain what he was going to do to put things right.

He turned up a couple of days later, at the time promised, to put things right (my wife and I were out all day) and set to work.

When we came home, the job was sorted… everything was as it should have been the first time round. Not only that there was a note apologising once again for the inconvenience and a bottle of red (it was a bit harsh but after the second mouthful that issue seemed to go away).

I used to work for HSBC where the motto used to be ‘get it right first time, every time.’

Brilliant, but impossible.

That means things go wrong from time to time… this isn’t necessarily an issue if you put things right in the right way.

And our decorator put things right in the right way.

It was so right, in fact, I’ve written it down, turned it into a process and am going to use it in training programmes from now on.

It restores one’s faith in humanity.

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