A pain in the a$%e

I have every sympathy with just about all complaints made by anyone in EB.

Well, almost every complaint.

I overheard a conversation a while back between a franchisee and his technical helpdesk… it went like this:

F’see: “Helpdesk?”

F’sor: “Yes”

F’see: “My mouse is squeaking” (One can only assume he was actually talking about a peripheral for his PC and not a small furry create… but now I come to think, one may be wrong in that assumption).

F’sor: “Yes?”

F’see: “What should I do about it?”

F’sor: “You need to carefully wrap your mouse in some tissue paper and put it to one side. Then take yourself a big purple store called PC World and buy a new one… should cost you £7.99!

Anyway… why am I so in tune with the difficulties faced by EB? I’ll tell you.

We’ve just taken on a new business and our internal re-organisation means that I now have to look after the finances and the IT… two things I know nothing about!

So, I settled in to a days work on the finances this morning (after being away for a week), getting familiar with them and setting up systems that suit me. By lunch time my head was pounding and I still was no further forward. A walk in the park with the woofer will sort me out, I thought.

Just as I was leaving someone piped up that their Internet was down and so did the next person and the next person… and then, horror of horrors, the connection to our server was lost.

I fiddled about with things for a couple of hours (neither the hound nor I got the walk we needed) until I realised that I needed help.

So here I am at 7.30pm, in the office with the IT engineer who has just informed me that the DCHP server had failed and wasn’t giving out IP addresses and the router had taken over but Internet access was failing when the router didn’t recognise the 31 range.

Ah, of course! I should have known. And is that easy to fix?

‘Errrr… well, it is fixable but I’ve had to force start the DCHP and then reconfigure…’


EB needs to have access to all the support functions a larger business can afford to employ internally. But we can’t afford an IT Director just in case the DCHP whotsit fails, so we have to buy in the resource.

And it’s the same for finances, and marketing, and it’s also true of HR and training for many other businesses.

It would be so much easier if we could get access to these resources from one place.

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