A franchisor serious about training

I’m working for a franchisor over the next couple of days, helping them prepare their training team for delivering ‘in-house’ training.

The background to the scenario is this…

The technical training the franchisor offers is in depth and, well, technical. They had been outsourcing the training even though they had people working for them who had the technical expertise, but this was proving hugely expensive.

I have come across this exact situation before and a couple of similar situations, too.

The similar situations involved the franchisor outsourcing training and then deciding this was too expensive and bringing the training in house (sort of). What they actually did was ask a couple of their franchisees do the training for them, ‘on the job’. On the surface, this sounds like an excellent idea all round: the franchisor gets their training done, probably on the cheap… sorry, cost effectively, the franchisee doing the training gets a break from their day to day work and get some extra money, too and the new franchisee gets training straight from the horse’s mouth.


It doesn’t work like this unfortunately.

What actually happened is this: the franchisor got franchisees trained in all the short cuts, ways to ‘get away with things’ and none of the system and processes they thought were being used in the field. The new franchisee got a less effective business because they were not trained in the franchisor’s systems – rather they were trained in the franchisee’s systems. The trainer simply got some cheap labour to help them on their rounds for a few days.

Almost entirely unsatisfactory.

The franchisor who was in the exactly the same boat simply training in house without helping their technical staff become effective trainers… and, as this was a ‘manual’ job there was a fair bit of instruction from the trainer, which led to poorly constructed sessions, which, in turn led to poorly trained and, therefore, less successful franchisees.

Tomorrow, though, things are different.

The franchisor is bringing training in house, but they are doing it in the right way. They are taking their technically very good staff and giving them the skills to become good trainers – yes, I am delivering a Train the Trainer course and I’m really looking forward to it, partially because of the novelty factor in the franchise market.

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