Thieving politicians

I despair

There are a couple of lines in a poem that go something like this:

“When we look back on our youth we mustn’t think
That the summers were hotter or that it always snowed on Christmas Day.”

We have to remember that it wasn’t different back then.

Politicians have always philandered, it’s always been the way.

But the latest set of revelations about three of our beloved MPs makes me despair.

Let’s just look at the facts as we know them about just one of these guys. He claimed expenses based on interest charged on a mortgage that had been REPAID.

Quite rightly he has been charged with fraud. It’s nothing else, just fraud.

Let’s relate this to you and me as employees from an HR point of view. If we were caught with our hands in the till in the way these MPs have been, i.e. defrauding our employer, the very least we could expect is summary dismissal. No holding on until we decided to leave and certainly no parachute payment to soften the blow when we left.

We would be fired.

A worst case scenario is that we would be reported to the police, investigated, taken to court, found guilty and sent to prison… and still get fired.

We would not be able to claim any kind of immunity from prosecution, so why should they?

I still get the impression that, not just the guys who are being prosecuted, but all MPs don’t get what they’ve done and that we’re treating them unfairly.

And I’ve had an idea about how the selection of MPs can be improved. I think that no-one should be allowed to become an MP until they’ve spent a year working in EB… working with the red tape we have to work with and keeping records that we have to keep… just in case the Inland Revenue decides to investigate us.

Perhaps then they’d learn that ‘making an honest administrative mistake’ is no defence. But then they already know that. For them it’s not a defence, it’s an excuse for being crap.

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