The election campaign… I’m so bored with it already

Actually, that’s not true… as a spectacle it is quite funny watching the postering, claims, counter claims and the psychology that’s going on.

What I’m really bored with are politicians being politicians, i.e. not answering questions.

I seem to remember a film from the early eighties. I don’t know what it was called but it starred Dudley Moore as an advertising executive who admitted himself to a mental institution for a suitably obscure reason.

I also seem to remember the patients played volleyball with an invisible ball and always told the truth.

Dudley Moore went on to create fantastically successful advertising campaigns that TOLD THE TRUTH. The slogan that sticks in my mind is: ‘Volvo: they’re boxy, but good!’

Now, let’s apply that approach to recruitment interviews. I guess, in an interview situation, candidates very rarely out and out lie; after all a skilful interviewer will be able to cross reference and make sure the answers given all add up…

But, I would say, just about everyone at an interview ‘spins’ their answers to show themselves in the very best light. Nothing wrong with that; after all they want the job and a good interview is about helping a candidate perform at their best… but at least the candidate answers the question that has been posed.

I can’t remember a candidate ever saying to me, when I’d asked them a question, ‘I think the question you wanted to ask me is…’

And that’s what I’m bored with in this election. So many politicians ducking and diving without giving the answers to the questions they’re being asked. Even the venerated Vince Cable on the Politics Show earlier today was doing a bit of squirming.

I think what’s most annoying is that it simply demonstrates how out of touch our politicians are with the rest of us. They never seem to twig what we find annoying and what we’re looking for. In fact, with all the wrangling and arguments I’m surprised that government ever gets anything done.

So, that leaves us with a thorny problem. In a recruitment situation we would have to make a selection decision… how do we do it in the election? Unfortunately, we can only do it through a process of elimination, not by selecting who’s best for the job.

Remember Douglas Adams (he who wrote Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy): Anyone capable of getting themselves elected should on no account be allowed to do the job.

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