The continuing adventures of an HR consultant

So last week I told you about an HR consultant of ours who was about to take an intrepid trip to an outlying Scottish island, complete with survival suit, a helicopter and healthy dose of fear.

Well, I’m very pleased to report that our brave heroine made it out to the island and back again more or less in one piece… although not without some misadventures, it has to be said.

Our consultant turned up at the appointed time at the heli-port and was given her survival suit to change into. All well and good for her, but one of the guys she was sharing the helicopter with turned out to be too large and wasn’t allowed to make the trip because his suit was actually un-suit- able. (See what I did there?)

That left three people making the trip – our consultant, whose first time this was and two other veterans. Naturally the three got talking and this is how the conversation went…

Veteran 1: Pete’s a really good pilot. Really very experienced and he knows this route like the back of his hand.

Veteran 2: Shame it’s Rick today!

Veteran 1: Yes!

Veteran 2: Still, Rick’s very good, too.

Veteran 1: Yes… just not as good as Pete. Rick’s got a nickname, you know.

Veteran 2: I know.

Together: Top Gun!

Veteran 1: It’s because if his super fast flying manoeuvres.

Veteran 2: No, no, no. It’s because he flies so low.

Consultant: Will you two shut up and just tell me that he’s called Top Gun because he looks like Tom Cruise?

At this point Rick (who looked nothing like Tom Cruise) came and collected them and loaded everyone onto the chopper.

Apparently the flight was uneventful and our consultant was deposited safely on the island to complete her work. Unfortunately, twenty minutes in to a very important all day meeting the weather began to close in. Rick had to scramble the helicopter PDQ and airlift the consultant off the island before she was marooned!

She’s going back next week, which is excellent because she can get even more photos for the website.

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