Snow, part 2

Last week I talked about snow and what a bloody brilliant excuse it is.

This week I want to expand on this a bit because I did get a few ‘phone calls from people agreeing with what I’d written.

The snow has been with us for a while in Edinburgh.  It really arrived last Monday, a week ago.  Some of you may have read Richard’s blog about the efforts he had to go to, to get to Heathrow, which I compared to the lady from where I live who took one look at her car and said, ‘I’ll be ringing in to work to tell them I can’t make it.’

The funny thing is, I saw the same lady at the weekend.  This time she was feverishly digging the snow from under her wheels, she had the engine running, heating the car up and she had assembled a posse to help her push at the appropriate moment.
Wow, I thought, she must have a family emergency because she’s really desperate to get going.

Eventually, after half an hour of digging (there was one funny moment when she realised that she’d piled the snow from under her wheels right next to the driver’s door and had to move it all again because she couldn’t get in) and another half an hour of pushing by the fellas she got her car out.

I wondered if she was okay, because this clearly was an emergency, so I asked if I could help…

Okay, okay, you can see right through me… I wasn’t so much concerned as nosey.

‘No’, said my neighbour, ‘It’s just that I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet and I was starting to panic.’  And with a cheery wave, she slid her car down the road and disappeared (sideways) round the corner.

I was left shaking my head in her wake.

What must her workplace be like that she wouldn’t make any kind of effort to get into the office and yet, she was prepared to dig and push and grunt (along with four burly blokes) for an hour to get out and do some shopping?

That got me thinking… is it the workplace, the work, the weather conditions or the person that is the deciding factor as to whether someone makes an effort?

Just to be sure I called a friend in Finland, where it is minus seventeen degrees with three feet of snow, to ask her how many from her office were absence because of the weather.

The answer: none.

Answers to my question, please, on a post card.

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