Only ten days to go…

Oh, please…

I don’t know about you but it already seems as though this election campaign has been running for two years.

Hang on, it has! Ever since dear old Golden let slip there was going to be a snap election and then bottled it because he thought he might lose.

I have to say I’m fed up with the election campaign and really wish we could bring the date forward to this Thursday instead of next. But there is one interesting thing about the election (if you are a sad and lonely HR professional like me) and that’s the prospect of a hung parliament.

Is it, in terms of employment, a good thing or a bad thing?

Well, businesses in general, according to a British Chambers of Commerce, businesses want one part or another to have an overall majority, with two thirds saying that the other option is going to be damaging for the economy and the business environment as a whole.

But, in the HR world, the lines are slightly more blurred, although they are still split along the business/HR professional line.

Generally speaking HR professionals are less concerned about a hung parliament because a hung parliament is less likely to introduce any more legislation, which is a good thing. However, a hung parliament is also less likely to reduce the plethora of legislation that EB is currently burdened with.

Whoever comes to power there has to be a reduction in the red tape we have to deal with every day and only the lawyers make money from. For example, TUPE (for when you buy a business and have to bring the employees across to your systems) needs a compete overhaul and the Industrial Tribunal system is a complete mess.

The first thing a new government should do is make sure those ridiculous malicious claims are thrown out at the first stage, rather than getting them all the way through to the court room.

For me, a hung parliament would be desperate. We need a mandate and, even worse, there would probably be another election in just a few months. What a nightmare that would be!

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