New politics

I have to admit that I was dismayed at the thought of a hung parliament… I wanted an outright victory and I wanted dear old Golden to leave the job he was so ill suited for.

However, I’m going through a change.

I think that Britain needs a change… not a pretend change from one political party to another. No, a real change in the way we do things and I think the Hung Parliament and the subsequent coalition is the way to do it.

But I also think that there was one more condition needed to really give this new way of doing things work. We couldn’t have done it without huge changes in personnel in the Commons.

So, to a certain extent, I think the expenses scandal has done us a huge favour because it forced so many crooks (sorry, I meant politicians) to stand down from their posts. The reverse, of course, means there’s a brand new group of MPs about to be sworn in for the first time – more than 250 of them, I believe.

Why is this important, though, in terms of helping this new way (for Britain) to succeed.

Well, it has to be said that, if it was the same old bunch of dinosaurs configured in a different way then there was a huge chance that they would simply revert to type and the infighting along party lines would resume apace as soon as Dave and Nick had their first marital spat.

This new group of MPs, though, has not been tarnished with all the infighting and Punch and Judy knock about politics. As MPs, all they will know is ‘Coalition’. As long as they don’t get sucked in by the more senior politicians they are a big enough group to stand up and say ‘no’ to the rubbish practices that make the rest of us cringe when we watch the Commons on the telly… Who among you hasn’t thought: ‘what a bunch of numpties’ when papers are waved and indecipherable words are shouted across the chamber?

So, here’s to new politics and new politicians. May they bring a sense of sanity to the way we conduct government in the UK.

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