It shouldn’t happen to an HR consultant

Okay, this blog isn’t exactly about HR, but it does involve one of our associates and the extraordinary lengths she went to recently to get to one of her clients.

The client in question casually mentioned to our associate that they had a site on one of the outlining Scottish islands, would she mind going?

‘No, of course I don’t mind,’ replied our colleague. ‘Which ferry do I get?’

There was an embarrassed silence and much shuffling of feet.

‘Errrm… there is no ferry. We’re going to helicopter you in.’ Again a silence. ‘Well, when we say helicopter, what we actually mean is we’re going to winch you in.’

Our associate paused for a second. ‘Okay,’ she said. ‘No problem. I suppose I’ll be doing this in the summer when the weather has improved.’

This time the silence was broken by a little cough. ‘No, actually. You’re going in this week. You’ll be in safe hands; the RAF say they do this sort of thing all time and they’re terribly good at it. Anyway, you’ll be wearing a flying suit, so you’ll be well protected.’

‘Uh-huh.’ We got a call about 37 seconds later from our colleague asking us our opinion about what she was being asked to do. When we stopped laughing we told her it was her call and that she should only do it if she felt happy to do it… well, if not happy, at least accepting!

‘Uh-huh,’ was her less than enthusiastic response.

‘Look at it this way,’ we told her, ‘Just because some people had been sent so close to the edge of Britain they were in danger of falling off didn’t mean they weren’t entitled to a quality HR service. In fact (we continued) it was almost her duty to go, as an HR professional.’

A long and sceptical silence came from the other end of the ‘phone.

‘Besides,’ we concluded, ‘Think about the photos you can get for the website!’

That was the clincher.

Earlier this week, a Derigo consultant was inserted into a survival suit, winched aboard a helicopter, flown to a remote site, dropped over the side and left to do her HR stuff, before being picked up, we hope, later in the week. Sometimes, apparently, the weather closes in and the site can be cut off for weeks!

All this is well and good, but where did she put her laptop?

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