Is the recession over?

Not likely.

32% of employers are planning to cut their workforce in the next couple of months according to a recent IPD survey.

And the reason they give?

The economic situation.

So, it seems as though there’s still a way to go before the employment position returns to anything like normal. And this seems to be in step with the rest of the economy… things aren’t where they should be and won’t be for a very long time yet.

But there’s an opportunity, here, for Enterprise Britain. Let me explain:

Two years ago I would not have recommended anyone go to the Job Centre to recruit their staff. In times of near full employment the only people registered at the Job Centre were those who had to be to continue to receive their Job Seekers Allowance and those that were nigh on unemployable.

Today, though, the situation has changed because there are some good quality people who have been made redundant and have signed on at the Job Centre.

But the situation for some people looking for work has become even more desperate. I have a mate who’s an accountant… alright, he’s more of an acquaintance than a mate. He runs a practice in Edinburgh and he told me at the weekend that he had three people last week walk into his office and offer to work for free.

One was a newly qualified accountant who desperately needed experience but just couldn’t find a position. The second was a parent returning to work after a career break, but was unable to find a position and the third was an experienced accountant who was made redundant and, you guessed it, couldn’t find new employment.

My friend didn’t have a position available but he was sorely tempted.

However, there are dangers and, actually I think there are better ways getting someone on board who isn’t going to break the bank in these difficult times… and, don’t forget, there are dangers employing someone for no wage, even if they have volunteered.

Here’s an example:

In Scotland there are a number of government schemes (run by Scottish Enterprise) that will provide a person with the necessary experience for a period of time which ranges from three to six months. The government pays that person’s salary and at the end of the period you either take them on or you don’t.

There’s no cost to you and, because there is some external control, there are fewer risks, too.

Of course there are some rules and regulations, but it’s well worth investigating, especially as there are some really good people looking for jobs at the moment, which just wasn’t the case a few months ago.

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