A shovel and a little persistence


What a bloody brilliant excuse.

Well, for some people that is.

Naturally we’ve had the earliest widespread snowfall for 17 years because of global warming…

I’ve been working in a smallish business in the centre of Edinburgh for a few days… then the snow came.

All of a sudden, only half the workforce was there.  But, get this, it wasn’t the half who had the most difficult journeys who were missing… in fact, it was the exact opposite; those who lived closest, almost to a person, were missing, whilst those who lived in the wilds of East Lothian had made it in.

This got me thinking to when I left home in the morning.

We took the dog for a walk this morning and when we came back there was a lady with shovel scraping snow from underneath her car.  It was well and truly buried but she dug and we pushed and we got the car free.  She made it to work.  It took a little effort but she got it out.

Whilst we were doing this another lady came out of her house, took one look at her 4×4 car, shook her head, said ‘no way’ and went back into her house.

Lovely; a day by the telly.

Now, I’m not passing judgement, here. Just posing a question.  Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Given the weather has cost the UK economy fifty billion pounds in lost time and production (so far) and it’s a few billions we can’t afford to lose right now, should we all be making a collective effort, taking responsibility and doing our damndest to get into work…

Or, should we look out for ourselves, take advice and stay at home.

Or, is there a third alternative?  Should employers and employees have a contingency plan for this sort of thing to help the economy stay productive during these strange times?  

Perhaps homeworking, better use of technology or any one of a number of strategems might help us.

Who knows: perhaps we’ll just keep getting caught out…

At least we have some salt this year… for the time being.

1 comment for “A shovel and a little persistence

  1. Iain Whyte
    3 December, 2010 at 09:11

    Good article Renee and a point well made. I do believe technology used correctly could save use millions of Duvet or Snow days thanks for your article

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