A Recruitment Agency That Works For You? Surely Not

Sometimes we just accept the way things are without thinking about whether there’s a better way of doing things, usually because things evolve over time.

Things like the internal combustion engine, knowing the England football team will cause palpitations (I’m writing this a few hours before the game) when you watch them and the way recruitment agencies work.

But someone has taken the time to think about the recruitment agencies and has changed things round so it’s easier for EB to use them.

Here’s the old way:

The recruitment agency charges you a percentage of the first year’s salary to vet some c/vs and possibly pre-interview candidates.  The fee is typically between 12.5% and 25% of the salary making it pretty expensive.

They will send you c/vs with names and telephone numbers blanked out so it’s impossible to get in touch with candidates and there’s a load of to-ing and fro-ing with the agency to find out who’s good and who isn’t… after all, they have to justify the fee somehow.

The whole process is painful, difficult, expensive and probably prohibitive in EB… at least that’s some people’s opinion.

This way of doing business has built up over time and for the benefit of the agency and not the customer.

But I met a guy at a networking meeting this morning (yes, it did start very early) who had thought about things and put together a new package to make recruitment agencies accessible specifically for EB.  He calls it fixed price recruitment.

Here’s how it’s different from the traditional way of doing things:

There’s a menu of prices which increase in bands depending on the salary range of the vacancy to be filled.  The fee is payable up front.

What this means is that 5 c/vs will come over to the customer, pre-screened and suitable for the job.  What’s more, the c/vs come with telephone numbers and names visible.  This means the customer can call each of the candidates if they like the look of them and get them in for the final interview.  It also means that if the first candidate who gets the job turns out to be useless, the customer still has the other 4 to fall back on, and you could end up employing all five for one fee!

Very useful in an expanding business.

Oh, and there’s a money back guarantee as well, which reverses the risk entirely.

This is a classic example of someone looking at a process which has always been, for me, difficult and annoying and turning it round so it works from the customer’s point of view, not the supplier.

I hope it works.

(Have a look at tickrecruitment to find out more)

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