Ten common mistakes business owners make with their marketing

You’re looking for better results and want to produce more profit while you build a solid business; it’s not all about business loans, government grants or having a marketing budget the size of a Formula 1 team like Ferrari…

Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll soon be on the right road to success in your business venture.

  1. Gambling with resources rather than using proven strategies to make marketing produce a profit – understand the concept of Cost of Acquisition and apply some logic. Learn how marketing works, get help to apply it, then build your business.
  2. Becoming obsessed with the look and feel of their brand at the expense of expressing what they are really offering – sell the benefits, not the packaging. Remember to see your offering from the (potential) customer’s perspective, not yours.
  3. Having no marketing plan at all – even a basic plan, which is easier than you’d think, is better than nothing; come on, this is your business we’re talking about!
  4. Not testing results – the absolutely fundamental rule of marketing; test and measure everything you can. It’s the only way to know if you’re succeeding or just wasting money.
  5. Trying to be too clever – don’t make your audience work for it; keep it simple and spell out your offering in a way that’s easy for people to understand.
  6. Sloppy brand identity – there’s no excuse these days, everyone in business should have some pride about the way they present their business; look the business and you’ll gain the respect you’re seeking.
  7. Ignoring the power of new strategies and tactics like Social Media – remember the .com gold rush a few years back? It’s here again; harness Social Media now and you’ll see rewards for years to come.
  8. Confusing price and value – price is nothing more than a concept; value is what people are looking for; stop trying to price your services and create a value proposition instead.
  9. Ignoring the value in referrals; about 80% of the businesses I meet tell me that about 80% of their business comes from referrals and about 80% of business owners have no strategy for getting more referrals… spot the pattern?!
  10. Over estimating the short term and underestimating the long-term – smart business owners recognise that good marketing strategy is a longer-term plan. Do the right things today and build on them month after month. Don’t scramble about looking for a short-term fix and expect to create effective results.

So if you want to stop gambling, scrambling, and lurching from one marketing ‘campaign’ to another, get some help, grow your business knowledge and learn how to apply solid marketing principles in real time – www.PushMarketingAcademy.com.

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