Two contrasting views of Enterprise Britain

I was amazed last week about how two entrepreneurs operating in the same market could have such radically different views of Enterprise Britain. One was Peter Morley who was involved in Rover, lamenting the state of the UK and saying the UK psyche is not inherently entrepreneurial and less than 5% of the UK population are entrepreneurial material. He mentioned how Brits like to identify with the underdog and laid on the doom and gloom about the state of the country.

I commented that from my experience of working with young people (especially those of mixed race) in Generation Y, they were very interested in setting up their own businesses. I can see how they would not be that attracted to corporate UK with their boring white, male Anglo Saxon boards and were going to set up their own enterprises. One of them has already managed to raise £100,000 to take his idea (which I think is a good one) to concept stage. I read with interest the headline in The Times on March 27th, “Asian entrepreneurs present the best way to succeed” as they are recognized for their incredible business achievements in the UK.

A full 24 hours later I was listening to an inspirational young entrepreneur called Neal Ghandi who has just written a book called “Born Global” who said there has never been a better time and place as an SME in London to go global and he has just grown a company from an idea to over 600 employees across 4 continents in 4 years using the best of the web.

May my glass be always half full and let there be more Ghandis and less Peters leading the business world!!

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