Top 10 tips for launching a facebook page

I wanted to share some of my key learnings in social media marketing and hope you find them of help.

Top 10 tips for launching a facebook page
1. Start reading and listening to customer posts first
You will learn a lot from these and it will help you to plan for posts you can expect in your new pages. You may find references to your company across the web by using a monitoring tool or using Google alerts and registering on review sites like Trip Advisor for those in the travel industry.

2. Set clear “SMART” objectives
These are essential for measuring the success of the pages but be prepared for at least a year to see any measurable return on investment. However there are quite a few case studies for small businesses which have seen very rapid ROI on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Facebook commerce is already here to stay.

3. Ensure you put tracking in place
Facebook has just launched the ability to track individual posts on Facebook which saves having to use tiny URLs which can be cumbersome. Currently it’s only available for sites with a minimum of 10,000 fans.

Facebook has an insights page which will track the number of active fans and key activities. You should also use email to track response if you are directing traffic to your Facebook pages. There are tracking tools like Search Ignite which can also assist with tracking and you can embed short links back to your website into your posts using shortened urls using Tiny, Bit or other URL shortener.

4. Get a cross functional team – (ideal is around 6-8 people)
This is key to getting the right buy in across the business. Make sure you include operations, customer service, a web editor and your marketing team. Board support in the form of a Director as Stakeholder is also important.

5. Ensure the team have personal Facebook accounts
Training up the team on how to use social media is essential. The team have to have used Facebook personally to fully appreciate how it works and what can be done.

6. Process map everything
The key processes to map are:

  • Sourcing and loading content for your Facebook pages
  • Responding to posts with feedback loop to fans who made a post

All facebook related processes need to be integrated into existing customer service processes or efforts may falter. A useful tool for doing the process mapping is Visio and documents can always be copied to a pdf or word format for broad distribution.

7. Have an internal and external communications plan
Ensure you tell your staff first and issue a staff policy so they are clear as to what they can and cannot do on Facebook. Some companies choose to only allow their staff to press the button to “like” posts by fans. It’s essential to train staff that get involved in the moderation of posts and encourage other staff to send ideas to the moderator so they can be used for future development of the pages. Ensure you feature Facebook in all your customer communications and marketing collateral.

8. Have a detailed content plan
Map out your content plan in detail (including copy and images) so that there is total clarity as to key news and messages you want to share with customers and the frequency of the updates before you launch. Remember that the objective of the content plan is to encourage your fans to make posts and to add their comments and “likes” and “share” posts with their friends. Remember to have a Facebook landing page with clear directions as to how to “like” for first time visitors.

9. Develop an engagement plan
When you have identified who your key influencers are online that have been making positive comments about your company, then make sure you invite them to participate in your facebook pages.

10. Post launch review
Ensure that you have regular reviews when you have gone live to ensure consistency of response to posts. Integrate your key performance indicators for Facebook into your management information on other channels so you can track against your specific performance objectives set.

SMART = Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed.

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