Who is looking after Enterprise Britain?

Why is there so little interest in Enterprise Britain from our party leaders? Being a party leader must be the most awful job in the world as you try to seize the right image and sound bites. Of course I desperately look for the sound bites on behalf of Enterprise Britain, but I am struggling.

Brown can say a lot but let’s face it – he has been leading this Government for the last 13 years and nothing positive has happened, so what chances do we have in the future? Everyone seems to agree that he was at best asleep at the wheel to have allowed the biggest economic calamity since whenever to happen during his watch.

We may celebrate that Lloyds is making money and so a big slice of government debt may be paid off at some point in the future. RBS is turning the corner so something similar will happen – oh and sorry, we set the bonus targets too low, so in the meantime, until we turn this around, we will pay bonuses which are too high.

BP is thriving as we jack up prices at the pumps to the detriment of Enterprise Britain and the CEO of Morrisons, with his long term incentive plan has stuck his fingers in the air and walked into Marks and Spencer having his long term incentive plan paid out pronto. So much for commitment and the long term. Whatever the case is, not a word about Enterprise Britain.

So how do the other two parties fare? Well I have a real problem when it comes to Cameron – I really cannot believe a word he says. I may be wrong, but it feels like everything he says is reactive, done to impress for some short term headline. I know Ken Clarke is a loose cannon and he would not be right for party leader – he is even older than I am! – but at least he stands for something.

The other challenge Cameron has is that you never know what the rest of his party will do. There is not a real feeling of a united mission about them. At the first little bump the factions will fall apart into their normal bits.

And then there is Nick Clog who thinks that working for the European Parliament negotiating with the Chinese constitutes having a real job in the real world – that is high level politics my friend. Yes I like the fact he is more open to the rest of the world through family and work experience, but I also a sensation of what we used to refer to as the ‘armchair socialism’.

Whilst I think the term socialist is a bit passế in today’s world, if you have been brought up in the world of banking, went to a posh private school – OK it was not Eton, but it was still posh – have never had a job in the real, you are not likely to be taken any more seriously than your chums, even if you wear yellow ribbons.

No, I am not optimistic about what will be done for Enterprise Britain. Brown has tried to get lending going, but I have seen no indication yet of any success. Perhaps a hung parliament is best, even if it is new for us – it seems to work in other countries. In the meantime Enterprise Britain it is back to what we do best – fend for ourselves.

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