Osborne reads Enterprise Britain!

Hallelujah! George O appears to have figured out what is needed to help Britain catch up with the rest of the industrialised world. George has discovered Enterprise Britain. Well of course he does not use that term, but he is bright and will at some point, except of course Gordon B used it first. That may be a small barrier. In any case I am convinced he has been reading Enterprise Britain, as he is finally catching on.

George, the heir to a baronetcy, privately educated, member of the exclusive and ‘riotous’ Bullingdon Club in Oxford (which included one David C.), a very liberal dining club open to all so long as they were from the aristocracy or super-rich, understands these things implicitly. The fact that Enterprise Britain includes 4.3 million potential voters probably helps.

So what is so brilliant? Well simply George has miraculously come up with a stimulus plan for Enterprise Britain. Reduced tax for businesses, even less tax for small businesses, NI holiday in the first year for first ten employees of a new business and then of course my personal favourite – yes he must have read my blogs – a reduction in paperwork for Enterprise Britain! What a cracking plan! George – I am proud of you!

There is one small problem – I do not believe you George and I will tell you why not. You are the party of big business and bankers (and the aristocracy?), so you will no doubt succumb to their pressures. The pressures will be that they will threaten to leave the country unless ……

In the first place you need to reduce the deficit – this you have been very clear on and I suspect you are right that it needs to be done sooner rather than later. You learned that much from Vince. So you cannot put the tax cuts into effect without finding something to compensate and I think you will go after EIS benefits and such things. So it will look good politically but will be of little overall benefit. After all you will not get bankers or big business to pay for it.

Secondly you may have missed ‘Yes Minister’ but you can still catch the reruns. Do not underestimate the power of the bureaucracy and remember, Labour made it a lot bigger, better paid, comfortable and solid than when your friends were last in power. It will take years to achieve the culture change needed to reduce paperwork. Your whole machine is fuelled by paperwork.

And thirdly – here is the killer – you have announced this in a panic. A panic created by the fact that despite having the least inspiring Prime Minister since say John Major (wasn’t he your last Prime Minister?) who nobody has faith in, you cannot get anywhere sensible in the polls. Even after so many years of Labour, a few very expensive wars we do not want and the biggest recession in decades manufactured by Gordon and friends, you have not been able to get a real lead. So panic has taken over and I think you will announce anything you think may get you some votes.

Having said all that George, I am proud you have followed the advice of Enterprise Britain. Now just add cutting the tax suckers. Oh, and my money is on there being exactly the same number of MPs after the first election after this one – another reduction promise I cannot see happening soon even though it should.

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