Love those quango’s

I always love it when our fearless leaders show unmatched brilliance and with all the new agencies or quangos to be announced over the coming weeks I dread to think what will happen.

Early in life in Enterprise Britain I learned that in any organisation you should try to save money where you can and you make sure that the costs of savings do not exceed the benefits. Does that make sense? Any of you who have nodded off or agree with that are disqualified from entering public service at any time.

In an extraordinary piece of brilliance the government appointed a new body called IPSA. This is the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority or something like that and it checks MP’s expenses. The nice thing is of course they must be a complete nightmare to the MPs – can you imagine up to 110 jobs worths ticking you on your fingers every time you submit a claim for a sausage role or a train ticket – possibly not even a first class one. It is no wonder most are resigning and pocketing a healthy departure fee.

No, IPSA is different. It is independent and it has standards. Its first standard is that it needs offices. Nothing special of course, as they are protecting the tax payer’s pockets, but simply something very good. So they are only spending up to £1.4 million a year in rent for space which can accommodate 110 people. Never mind that they only employ 30 but they obviously have ambitious plans.

So lets add this up:

– 110 people so lets say £4.5 million

– Rent – £1.4 million

– Other office costs – £1.5 million

I am sure there is lots more, but this will do. It adds up to £7.5 million, or £10,000 or so per MP. Now I know there were MPs who got things very wrong and probably should be jailed, but David is going to correct that and my guess is that in fact many MPs if fact acted appropriately. So is there any chance we will save £7.5 million by appointing these luxuriously housed jobs worths? Absolutely not!

Is it worth £7.5 million to annoy MPs? Fun it may be but no it is not. These people are in fact there to do an important job for all of us and it would be much better if we could trust them to do that work and not have to worry about whether we are funding the right kind of DVDs or duck ponds.

Of course we can be self righteous about it and be happy we caught out these nasty people. I even started reading the Daily Telegraph after this clever piece of investigative journalism. We can take this worthwhile expense out of the education budget for example and make ourselves feel good. But fundamentally it shows to me that the government and its overpaid jobs worths teams still do not get it – they are using our money irresponsibly.

Learn from Enterprise Britain – make sure the costs you save outweigh the expense of getting there!

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