I am going to vote for Ken Clarke

Ken and I go way back and I am so proud of him. When I first (and last) met him at least 10 years ago he impressed me tremendously. Oh, I guess you are finding out things about me – I do attend dinners hosted by conservative organisations. I would do the same for labour or liberal democrats, but have yet to be invited. So Ken impressed me. He talked for half an hour or so, without hesitation or repetition (in the broader sense) without any paper whilst walking around between the tables.

Ken has impressed me again. Here is a man who makes sense. Really he should team up with Vince Cable and then we would have the Party of Sense. In the Sunday Telegraph (another admission: I read it!) he outlines four items in his Business Manifesto:

  • Tech: he has asked James (vacuum cleaner) Dyson to head up a task force to make Britain a leading exporter of hi-tech goods
  • Legal: simplify employment law
  • Taxes: cut corporate taxes especially for Enterprise Britain
  • Regulation: reduce the burden of regulation – and here it comes:
‘no new rules unless others have been abolished’.
Ken you are great! Not only do you clearly read Enterprise Britain, but you have also read my correspondence with something called BERR (the Better Regulation Executive, part of BIS, the Department for Business Innovation & Skills).
Now I also went to a dinner hosted by BERR – with 150 of my local pals (I trust you are impressed that I have been invited to 2 dinners). Their mission is to reduce bureaucracy and my impression is they are a complete waste of time. However, I did write to my table host, a BERR’ite, and put to him that no new regulation (or law) should be allowed unless at least one (preferably two) is abolished. I was informed I was unrealistic. Enter my hero: Ken Clarke. Ken sees the light!
So Ken, here is another suggestion. Get rid of BERR, that should save a lot of money right away. Then simply implement what you are suggesting and presto, you will achieve the advantages of BERR without the cost and the ….. bureaucracy.
Now I have a simple challenge left. How do I vote for Ken without including David and the rest of the …? Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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