Football – it is about closing the deal

Another fantastic week for blog inspiration, yet I have settled for football. That seems to be top of mind for everyone, so best to focus on that. I have to admit I guess that I have watched some games including of course England against the USA.

Mr Green let a ball slip through his fingers and lots of people seem keen to blame him for England not winning the game against the US. That seems a little harsh to me.

Most predictions I heard for the final outcome were something like 3-1 or 4-1 for England. Well the Americans got the 1, so that cannot be the problem. The real problem is that the other ten men on the field could not score. It is as simple as that. The fact England did not win cannot be blamed on Mr Green, but must be blamed on the other 10.

It is no different from what we see in many companies. We blame the finance director for our woes, yet he is simply the goal keeper. In most cases the problem is the lack of sales, which is what the other people should be doing – selling. The analogy is with our ten men who simply could not sell the ball to the opposing goal.

Now I know lots of finance directors who should be put out of our misery, but many do a pretty good job in difficult circumstances. In the same way I noticed Mr Green did a good job aside from the one slip up. Is this a reason to cast him aside? No, give those salesmen, the players a kick up the rear end and tell them to start playing better football.

Let’s face it, the sales team tends to be the fun team in the organisation. They are full of life, have the best jokes and one liners and most of us would rather spend our time at the bar with the sales team than the finance team – ‘have you heard the one about the wild debit?’ But there can be no mistake – if the sales person does not perform he or she needs to go – quickly!

The same goes with the players in a football team. They go to the best night clubs, have the glamorous WAGs and make for some fun headlines in the Sun. This lot did not score or in Enterprise Britain terms, they did not ‘close the deal’ – it is as simple as that and they must either start doing so  quickly or their positions should be reconsidered. And stop blaming the backup.

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