No Alcohol this Christmas? You cannot be Serious!

Much of the World is preparing to shut down for Christmas. The New Year is racing towards us with the promise of VAT increases, record fuel prices and the possibility of a rise in interest rates to combat inflation.  

I’m often told that it’s enough to drive anyone in business to drink.

Pass the Cider Mr Osborne
The chancellor Mr George Osborne even suggested the use of alcohol during his emergency budget speech.  In relation to the cut in duty on some types of cider, he said that we could use the saving to buy cider to ‘drown our sorrows’  So George says it’s a way of making it all go away, so it must be a good Idea , right?

For many in business the Christmas Holiday is a time of contemplation.  What has been, what is likely to be and what we can actually do about it………… or not.  Our emotions can run riot, and our fear and anxiety can climb to uncomfortable levels.  Combine that with the lack of business activity to distract us and we face the truth of where we really are.

Some call it ‘reality’

A few decide to stay there; they will often strive to make it work for them and take decisions based on what they really see and feel. It will be a time of realisation, growth, awareness with the possibility of Joy and contentment.

Desert island blues
Others reach for the alcohol and take themselves off to an illusionary ‘Island’ They land on their island around Christmas Eve and get off around January 2nd.

Whilst on the Island, they won’t do much apart from drink alcohol to compensate for the circumstances in which they have placed themselves. The reasons will be mixed, and the possibilities are endless, but be aware that if you are using alcohol to dilute your experience of reality you may just start Island hopping on a more regular basis. Perhaps Fridays will start to look appealing for a short excursion ‘away from it all’

Remember that alcohol changes nothing apart from your perception of what really is.

The unwanted Christmas present
When the effect of the alcohol has subsided, your take on reality is likely to be that it will feel just slightly worse than when you left it, thanks to the depressive effects of the drug.  Also your ability to deal with it will be reduced because your body is processing the toxins and reducing your performance.

Whether you drink alcohol during the holiday is very much your decision. But ask yourself some straight questions. Try this one, Ask what alcohol is giving you as a Christmas present?, or is it taking the present away,? Because you just don’t like the look of it, and perhaps can’t be bothered to change it.

My suggestion? Leave the alcohol alone and work towards changing your reality until it’s somewhere that you really do want to be, by choice.

It may just be the best gift that you have ever given to yourself and ultimately those around you.

Merry Christmas!

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