Live Radio Sex? That’s nothing compared to the Company Christmas party

Basketball star Dennis Rodman is alleged to have telephoned a radio station in the U.S. and talked to the host whilst apparently having sex. Various newspaper stories report that he doesn’t remember much and was clearly intoxicated at the time.  He has subsequently apologised to his family, friends and fans.

This year, as with previous years, relationships will be formed, shattered, ruined and regretted as the Christmas office party season gets into full swing.  Subdued company directors and employees will be found in many a household over the Christmas holiday, quietly contemplating what may have happened, what was said and to who, and if only they could remember exactly what it was, they may just feel better or maybe not……….

Truth is that alcohol is so engrained in our society as a legal, socially acceptable way of using recreational drugs that sometimes we fail to give it the respect that it deserves. It is after all one of the most powerful psycho- active mind altering drugs available and many lives have been changed overnight by using it. But because you can buy it over the counter in any high street, surely it can’t be that dangerous, can it?

Often alcohol gets the blame for the actions of those under the influence of it. If you think that you can ‘hold your drink’ or ‘stay in control’ then think again. The mind altering characteristics of alcohol mean that your decision making is affected after only one alcoholic drink. The UK’s pubs are full of ‘responsible drinkers’ who having set out to have one or two drinks end up at home with no idea at all how they got there and what went on in between.

Alcohol doesn’t give you confidence, it just suppresses the reasons that you are not confident, thereby creating the illusion that somehow a miraculous transformation has been achieved.  Usually rational, shy and retiring people are transformed into a ‘confident, capable person, with incomparable sex appeal’ ready to tell everyone exactly what they really think of them.

Staff at company Christmas parties can sometimes be found in compromising positions in the boardroom with inappropriate partners, vomiting over their line manager, or maybe just trashing the place because at the time it seems like a wonderfully funny and entertaining idea.

So how can you be sure that this is not going to happen to you?

Try skipping the alcohol, stay in reality and take a good long look at what the office party really looks like.

Will you still be going next year?

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