I’m Not an Alcoholic I just Drink Alcohol

Throughout my career alcohol has always been part of the ‘mix’. After the sales meeting, at the end of a successful month, after getting that big contract, alcohol was always the way that we ‘celebrated’.

Often we had worked hard, overcome significant obstacles and had created some fantastic innovative business models.

So of course it made perfect sense to poison ourselves by drinking as much alcohol as possible, dumb down the whole experience, the exhilarating emotions and talk utter rubbish for a few hours.  Not forgetting of course the bar bill, the resulting hangover and spending a number of hours of our life recovering from it. But hey, it just wouldn’t be the same without it, would it?

Alcoholism is often viewed as something that other people indulge in, a brown paper bag with a hidden bottle, shabby clothes and a residence in a damp doorway a sometimes seen as prerequisites of being an ‘alcoholic’ but that’s not how it always works.  There are a number of different definitions of what alcoholism really is.

The amount that you drink is a complete red herring; it’s about why you drink and what you are avoiding working on by using alcohol as a ‘quick fix’.

So what exactly is Alcohol Doing for You and Your Business?
Times are challenging, focus is important, you will have to be at the top of your game to successfully navigate your business through the current economic climate. You may see alcohol as a useful tool to help you to ‘relax’ or ‘chill out’ you won’t hear any alarm bells because the alcohol will shut them off for you but be aware most alcoholics started out with the intention of being ‘responsible drinkers’.

When recruiting do you search out talented professionals who will act in your best interests and drive your business forward? Or do you seek people that will temporarily create the illusion that all is good in your world so that you can relax, leave it to them and take it easy? I suspect not.

Dancing with Wolves?
But it could just be that by using alcohol you are doing exactly that. Instead of taking care of your own self development by learning how to really relax, manage your emotions, and tackle whatever it is that you feel that you need alcohol to help you with. For example if you are not able to dance in public without drinking alcohol first then I would suggest that when it comes to dancing you are alcohol dependent, because the action is unlikely to take place unless you drink alcohol first.

A Very Exclusive Drinking Club
Charles Kennedy, the former Liberal Democrat leader, who allowed his career at the top to be greatly affected by alcohol abuse, is being appointed to the Council of Europe.

His possible problem? It is notorious for its drinking ethos. A former member described it as a ‘disgraceful gravy train’. Another said the meetings are a ‘pretext for shameless alcohol-fuelled jaunts’.

Sarah and Charles Kennedy broke up their eight years marriage earlier this year: the cause is not known.

Any suggestions?”

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